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Ayudham Society - Religious/ Recreational Activities

Religious Activities

Ayudham Religious Activities Meditation hall : There is a meditation hall where religious discourses/meditation/meetings are organized periodically.

Weekly Hawan : All children and residents collectively gather on every sunday and perform hawan with chanting of vedic mantras and bhajans thereafter.

Discourses : Discourses are organized from time to time.

Recreational Activities

Excursion : Excursions are organized from time to time to nearby places.

Festival Celebration : All the major festivals such as Republic day, Independence day, Holi, Deepawali etc. are celebrated with active participation of all residents.

Birthday Celebration : Birthday of all residents and donors is celebrated on last Sunday of each month. This is followed by dance/songs by children/residents.

Annual day celebration : This is celebrated with pomp & show where in all donors, residents and other well wishers are invited.