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Ayudham Society - Eligibility Criteria/ Expulsion

The following requirements are desirable:-

  • * All Indian citizens, NRI, irrespective of cast, creed, religion, language, province or culture.
  • * Should be minimum 58 years of age (may be marginally less in exceptional cases).
  • * Should be mentally and physically fit. Should not be bed ridden or needing intensive care at the time of admission.
  • * Should be pleasant mannered, honest and a social mixer.
  • * Should be willing to undergo and pass prescribed medical fitness test as desired by the management.

Right of admission will be reserved at the discretion of management committee/ governing body of the Society. Any type of offensive behavior, commercial activity, subletting, gambling, rowdyism, prostitution, theft, willful damage to old age home premises of property and non payment of dues will result in summary physical expulsion. Any inmate may be expelled if any other three inmates give written complaints in writing and request his removal. This would be finally decided by the Managing Committee.